Welcome to IPCS.ie

The International Primary Care Standard (IPCS) has been developed over the last 6 years in Mallow Primary Healthcare Centre (MPHC), with the co-operation of different individuals experienced in clinical, management and scientific standards development as well as inputs from patient groups & experienced auditors who spent many hours sitting-in the practices gaining an understanding of their operations. IPCS was developed as an affordable, fit for purpose standard for Primary Care Centres, GPs practices and other Healthcare providers.

IPCS provides Primary Care Centre and Practice managers with the structure, the format and the review systems that are required in this new environment.  It provides increased positive interaction with patients, visible evidence in the practice of the application of a standard. Mission statements on walls, assurances of confidentiality, respect, complaints procedures and better patient care. It provides staff with a sense of responsibility, understanding of their roles, and provides them with sources of legislative and other information they require. Most importantly, it is independently audited and gives your business the confidence that your centre is ready for any legislative audits and HIQA licencing coming down the track.

From a management point of view, IPCS provides management review structures to oversee all the processes, review of legislative requirements on an ongoing basis, provide the structure to review Key Practice Indicators (KPI) in clinical, management and financial areas. Once in place, these should continue to benefit the practices and give early warning of problems.